About us

CERTRANS LEVEL is a Romanian company offering design, consulting and management services for road and air transport in order to support the companies to implement management systems in accordance with international standards, products certification and the business process optimization.

CERTRANS LEVEL aims quality in transports and construction and has a team of specialists with a vast experience in work for all categories of roads and bridges developed in coordination of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Our team of professionals is specialized in various field: chemical engineering, geology, engineering, construction, road transport and naval engineering, environmental engineering. We are available to provide you a wide range of works related to these areas.

CERTRANS LEVEL is a modern company whose foundation is the triad: competence - professionalism - efficiency.
The company has a team of specialists for developing strategic noise maps, new and modern research equipments and services for laboratory tests for quality certification. We collaborate with specialists for developing strategic noise maps, from Romania and abroad for different urban areas.

CERTRANS LEVEL offers much more services besides those of consulting and management like as: traffic studies, noise maps, environmental assessment, pools, transport studies, consultancy on public tenders.

We always stay focused to improve our services in all fields: consulting, design, conformity certification, technical approvals.

Our values are quality, professionalism, competence, economic efficiency and mutual benefit client / beneficiary – our company.

You can find us in Bucharest, Delea Veche Street, no. 16-18, phone/fax 031 407 23 35.

Our potentials partners/clients are both national and international private companies, public authorities, education institutions, e.g.:

  • City Halls of: Oradea, Timișoara, Craiova, Botoșani, Suceava, Iași, Bacău;
  • Pa&Co Internațional Srl, Astaldi, Max Boegl, UMB Grup, SIRD Timișoara, Vesta Investment, Rosign, Plastidrum, Metalbac&Farbe, Swarco Vicas, Loial Impex;
  • International Airports: Oradea, Timișoara - Traian Vuia, Aeroportul Interațional Iași, Cluj – Napoca;
  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Transilvania University of Brasov.