Qualified personnel

CERTRANS LEVEL has a team of specialists that performs the following functions:

  1. assigned person (contract responsible) who has responsibility in carrying out activities specific to a particular request for certification in accordance with procedures, is responsible for analyzing the documentation submitted by the applicant for certification, to prepare the audit, to  contract the experts etc.
  2. auditor, who has responsibility in carrying out external audit and is responsible for auditing the applicants / holders of certified product;
  3. evaluator, who has responsibility for carrying out the certification documentation evaluation and is responsible for the independent evaluation of the certification documentation and to make the proposal on certification of assessed product with condition of not engaging in any of the earlier stages of the certification process for the certification documentation assessed;
  4. technical expert, who has a consultative role for assigned person and/or evaluator and is allowed to be part of the audit team;
  5. inspector, who is responsible for inspection, both initial and after monitoring.